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26/04/2017 - Every year, to mark Global Action Week for Education, GCE’s Danish coalition runs a campaign to promote quality education both nationally and globally by giving teaching materials to schools all over Denmark. Students participate in advocacy,... .. Read More
24/04/2017 - GCE’s Global Action Week for Education in 2017 focuses on ensuring accountability for SDG4, and active citizen participation. In 2015, citizens campaigned successfully for governments to commit to a Sustainable Development Goal which ensured that... .. Read More
08/03/2017 - “There is no dearth of examples of strong women around us who continue to be a beacon of change. They are our teachers, our social workers, trainers, managers and parents... the believers in the power of education as the way forward.” K. Zehra Arshad,... .. Read More
20/02/2017 - Far too many children are entering classrooms unable to understand their teachers’ words or the materials they are given, because the language used in their schools is different from the language used in their homes – or their ’mother tongue’. A number... .. Read More
23/12/2016 - Over 200 prominent global figures came together on December 10th for the 2016 Laureates and Leaders for Chidren Summit. Held at the Presidential palace in New Delhi, India, the two-day event was organised by Nobel laureate, child rights activist and GCE... .. Read More
17/11/2016 - It is with deep sadness that the Global Campaign for Education announces the death of one of its founding members, Elie Jouen. Elie served as a Steering Group member, Chair, and Board Member of GCE between 1999 and 2016, initially representing the... .. Read More
09/11/2016 - On Friday 4th November, the High Court of Uganda in Kampala confirmed that the process followed by the Ugandan Government in deciding to close schools run by Bridge International Academies (BIA) was fair and legal and opens the door for the enforcement... .. Read More
06/10/2016 - There is no robust evidence that private schools aimed at low-income families provide a better education than public schools in developing countries, according to GCE's new major report on for-profit, privatised education. The report sets out the... .. Read More
20/09/2016 - This week, world leaders have come together in New York for the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly and two major international summits on the global refugee and migrant crisis. GCE members working in contexts of emergency and conflict... .. Read More
17/09/2016 - The Global Campaign for Education broadly welcomes the report of the International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity, The Learning Generation: Investing in Education for a Changing World, in a response released on the day of the... .. Read More